L. Lawrence Bispo


So far, all of these “recordings” are merely computer renderings, and they sound it. The notes were digitized into Music XML (.mxl) format in the excellent free notation software program Musescore and then “performed” in another application with a halfway decent guitar soundfont. Ultimately the sounds were converted to web files and delivered with HTML 5 audio elements.

The pieces will sound rather flat even for computer-rendered music, and this was intentional. My scores are very minimal in the way of phrasing, articulation, and dynamics (in the case of the fretboard and keyboard pieces, these are absent altogether). I generally prefer to leave as much to the performer as possible, as composers generally did once upon a time, so the media here are to be considered very generic versions to get an aural sense of the notes and structure, and not as a guide for performance. I’ve at times added a few accented notes, or held notes, or even the occasional rit., but only where it seemed necessary to allow for a reasonable understanding of the piece.

The Pieces:

Opus 1, Two Suites for Fretboard

Opus 2, Two Serenades for Fretboard

Opus 3, Suite and Serenade for Fretboard

Opus 4, Two Sonatas for Fretboard