L. Lawrence Bispo


Media: Opus 3

As mentioned on the Media page, these works are computer-recorded, and about as dry as they could be. I may at some point record at least some of these movements on the guitar; to tell the truth, however, I’m really not the greatest musical interpreter in the world, even (or perhaps especially) of my own music. I’m hoping a real performer will take an interest. If you are, and if you do, please get in touch!

Opus 3, Suite and Serenade for Fretboard

This work is dedicated to my niece, Evelyn Frances Hoke.

Suite, Op.3 No.1

I. Prelude
II. Bossa
III. Two Step
IV. Evelyn’s Cakewalk
V. Slow Drag

Serenade, Op.3 No.2

I. Alemàn Festivo
II & III. Segue & Appalachian